A full portfolio of academic articles, essays, and book reviews can be accessed on my Academia Page. Here, however, you can find a sampling of writings published on certain great figures and works of the Western humanities (especially literature, philosophy, and theology).



Reading Homer: From Here to Eternity (1 June 2020)

Achilles, Priam, and the Redemptive Power of Forgiveness (6 April 2020)

Heroes of Love (15 January 2020)

Homer’s “Iliad” and the Shield of Love and Strife (8 August 2019)

From Hector to Christ (3 August 2019)

Homer’s Epic of the Family (16 October 2018)


Herodotus and the Human Quest for Justice (27 June 2020)


Lessons from Antiquity for Our Current Pandemic (18 May 2020)

The Human Impulse for Tyranny (12 February 2020)

The Geopolitical Law of Nature in Thucydides (6 January 2020)*

What Can Thucydides Teach Us About China’s Rise to Power (1 April 2019)


Plato’s Crito and the Crisis of Sovereignty (7 January 2020)*

Better Understanding Plato’s Republic (9 September 2019)

Plato’s Symposium: Drama and Trial of Eros (21 July 2019)

Savagery, Irony, and Satire in Plato’s Republic (17 January 2018)*


Metamorphosis by Love (13 February 2020)

The Triumphant Love of Perseus and Andromeda (8 November 2019)

The Shield of Aeneas: Memory and History in Virgil’s “Aeneid” (1 October 2019)

Aristophanes: The First Poet Critic (4 September 2019)

Sophocles and the Necessity of Family (26 August 2019)

Euripides: Oracle of Modernity (19 August 2019)

Why Aeschylus Still Matters Today (15 August 2019)


Augustine of Hippo: Patron Saint of Political Criticism (20 Aug 2020)

Augustine’s City of God: The First Culture War (15 Aug 2020)

Augustine and the Politics of Love (1 November 2019)

An Invitation to Augustine’s “City of God” (24 August 2019)

From Diotima to Christ: Augustine’s Visionary Ascents in “Confessions” (9 March 2019)

Augustine on Love, Justice, and Pluralism in Human Nature (5 December 2018)*

Augustine: A Saint for Eternity (27 August 2017)


Learning to Love Again: Dante’s Descent in “Inferno” (4 December 2019)

Ascending the Mountain of Love (11 December 2019)

The Face of Love: Beatrice as a Type of Christ (18 December 2019)

Understanding Hell (Lecture)


What “The Merchant of Venice” Has to Say about Justice (19 July 2020)

Shakespeare on Love and War (5 February 2020)

Shakespeare: A Political Theorist Too (15 October 2019)

The Death of Eros & The Tragedy of Love in “Antony and Cleopatra” (10 October 2019)


“Star Wars”: Identity, Love, and Redemption (4 May 2020)

Love and Sacrificial Salvation: The Hidden Theology of Science Fiction Filmography (23 April 2019)

Hal Unplugged: Fear, Terror, and Salvation in Science Fiction (28 November 2019)

Family, Love, and Tragedy in “The Godfather” (22 November 2018)


*Designates an academic article.