Greetings world. My name is Paul Krause. I am a humanities teacher, classicist, cultural critic, essayist, editor, and host of the podcast Literary Tales. I grew up in Ohio and studied at Baldwin Wallace University, a quaint and beautiful little liberal arts college not far from where I grew up. I then attended Yale and the University of Buckingham (UK) for graduate schoolwork where I had the illustrious honor of studying with Sir Roger Scruton just prior to his death. I hold a B.A. in economics, history, and philosophy, an M.A. in theology (Bible and historical theology), and an M.A. in philosophy. My real passion, though, is philosophical engagement with art, culture, and literature which is reflected in my public writings and essays and in this podcast. 

I am a senior contributor to The Imaginative Conservative where I write a monthly cultural column usually focusing on classics, literature, film, and politics. I am also an associate editor at VoegelinView where I also write articles and essays on the classics, literature, film, theology, and philosophy. I write extensively on the arts, classics, literature, philosophy, religion, and politics for numerous other publications including Front Porch Republic, Merion West, New Oxford Review, and The FORMA Review among many other publications. In 2019, I contributed to the book The College Lecture Today: An Interdisciplinary Defense of the Contemporary University (Lexington Press, 2019) writing a chapter on the importance of the religious lecture and its literary and psychological value in modernity. I am currently completing a manuscript of literary essays and a new interpretation of Homer’s Iliad as a cosmic love epic.

I tend to lecture and write a lot on classical literature, English & American literature, political philosophy, German Idealism, and science fiction filmography—all reflective of my education and intellectual passions. Many of the podcast episodes here are drawn from lectures, lecture notes, and essays.

Forever a Pilgrim. Per Aspera Ad Astra.

Self-portrait, 2019.