In this episode of Literary Tales, we proceed to examine Dante’s Purgatorio where it left off from The Inferno. In this episode we learn how Dante uses poetry as a theme and symbol for beauty, goodness, and love in guiding us to the ultimate Beauty, Goodness, and Love in Heaven.

The relationship between Virgil and Dante was one of the driving factors of the movement through the Inferno. That relationship is further developed in the Purgatorio.
Gustave Dore’s illustrations of the Divine Comedy remain some of the most picturesque images of Dante’s masterpiece, included in many editions which contain illustrated companions to the text. Here, Dante and Virgil enter Purgatory.
Dante and Virgil in Purgatory.
Dante, Virgil, and Statius — three of the great poets of the Western tradition, in symbolic mirror of the Trinity, journey up Mount Purgatory toward Heaven while discussing all matters of life, philosophy, theology, and human virtue.
Dante finally meets Beatrice at the top of Mount Purgatory.

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