In our continued pilgrimage into the Epic of Gilgamesh we concentrate on the figure Enkidu and the spirit of love and sex in the foundation of civilization and how sex civilizes mankind in accord with Aristotle, Catholic sexual ethics, and Camille Paglia.

Sumerian Stature of Husband and Wife
A Sumerian stone relief depicting a husband and wife; the family unit was an important cornerstone of life in the Ancient Near East. The Bible also contains extensive commentary on filial and tribal relationships and duties in the ancient Near Eastern world.
A stone relief showing “Gilgamesh” slaying the Bull of Heaven as depicted in The Epic of Gilgamesh. Note the erotic overtures of the stone relief.
A Syrian/Assyrian stone relief showing two men attacking a monster-like figure. Many archaeologists believe this particular stone relief may be depicting Gilgamesh and Enkidu battling the monster Humbaba from the Epic of Gilgamesh.
The famous “Burney Relief” believed to depict the goddess Ishtar. Ishtar was the Mesopotamian goddess of love, beauty, sex, war, justice, and political power.

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